First Story by Santa Jones

First story received on October 31, 2012.Headshot of Santa Jones

Congratulations to Santa Jones for being the first person to submit her story for my new book, Black Girls Gone Blonde: Stories From A Newly Discovered Sisterhood.  Santa Jones has been blonde since late 1970, when she played the lead role in a play called Mae’s Rent Party.  Santa says, “you must have a certain attitude that goes with the various shades, and for me the lighter the better.  Blondes generally have a strong air of confidence.   I stand apart and make a statement: check me out!!  To me being blonde means knowing yourself and truly liking what you’ve become.  The brighter my hair, the happier I feel!”

In addition to being beautiful, bold and blonde, Santa is the owner of 909 Design, a home staging/ interior design Picture of Santa Jonesbusiness.

So ladies, stop procrastinating.  Santa has secured her spot in Volume 1 of Black Girls Gone Blonde: Stories of a Newly Discovered Sisterhood.  Don’t be left out.  Volume 1 will be published during 2014.  Stay tuned!

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