The Mission

So, you ask, “What’s the mission?”  “What do I have to look forward to with this organization?”  “What are the benefits of joining this organization?”

My mission is to bring together a bold and beautiful group of women for social events, participation in charitable events, and involvement in networking/educational events.  How will I accomplish this mission?

The mission of Black Girls Gone Blonde (BGGB) will be accomplished as follows:

1.  The official “launch” of Volume 1 of “Black Girls Gone Blonde: Stories From A Newly Discovered Sisterhood” – Meet and Greet in Washington, DC (2014).

2.  Access to special discount networks, for members, in the areas of travel & hotels, shopping, dining, health & wellness, beauty and fitness, and much more. Access Development is being considered to provide this service,

3.  Themed social events,

4.  Inclusion of your story in my new series of books.  If you submit your story, and it is included in my book, “Black Girls Gone Blonde: Stories From A Newly Discovered Sisterhood”, you will receive $50 and 5 copies of the book.  Prior to inclusion in the book your story will be edited, and your permission to print will be requested before publication.

5.  Philantropics – establishment of a scholarship fund at Trinity Washington University,

6. Participation in charitable events such as The Komen Walk For The Cure, Step Out Walk To Stop Diabetes, Light The Night Walk For The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and more.  In honor of Fluffy, my West Highland Terrier, an annual donation will be made to Westie Rescue.

7. Book club,

8. and Much More.

I would also like to know what you’re interested in doing and hearing about.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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